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Rael Jason Garcia
If you'll thank me for 'faving' something, tell me what it is. I usually forget.

I'm sorry, but I can't remember what I faved. Can you please remind me & that way I will know for sure. ^__^ Thanks.

Current Residence: Taytay, Rizal
Favourite genre of music: Assorted
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod 4G
Favourite character: Sora of the Kingdom Hearts series, Hanon Hosho of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, and Fluttershy of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Personal Quote: If you can't get around it, get through it fast.


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I needed a better place to organize this other than a planner, so I decided to put it online.

Character designs for my OCs:
Blue Diary:
Mystic Shield:
Moonbow Peek:
Bullseye - purple-gray coat, black mane in a ponytail, eyepatch, amber eyes, white reticle cutie mark
Greatstone - orange-brown coat, auburn hair in slicked-back messy spikes, cyan eyes, mountain cutie mark
Tricky Books - silver-gray coat, steel blue hair with bangs covering the right side of his face, aqua eyes, closed dark-gray book cutie mark
Chrono Cards - goldenrod coat, platinum blond hair wornin a Caesar cut, goatee, two silver helix piercings in both ears, blue eyes, trio of cards cutie mark
Mystic Wand:
Ebony Spell:
Record Keeper:
Nightfall Twinkle:
Ginger Cloud:

"Five Yellow Fliers"
Crossover with Neopets.
Backdrop: Open daybreak sky, pink clouds (as seen in… ) in the background.
Five subjects in a V-formation, all in flight.
Center: Fluttershy, forelegs out, speed-flight position as is common with Rainbow Dash.
Center-left: Yellow Shoyru (male) (… ), arms positioned like Superman's, devious grin, open eyes.
Center-right: Faerie Acara (female) (… ), wings spread out, giddy smile.
Right: Yellow Grundo (male) (… ), Wings of Flame on his back, wings spread out like an airplane, simple smile.
Left: Yellow Usul (female) (… ), Mechanical Wings on her back, arms positioned like Superman's, wide grin, closed eyes.
Neopets (c) Viacom and Nickelodeon
Fluttershy (c) Hasbro, :iconfire-flye:
"The Neopets, in a way, belong to me as they come from my Neopets account under the username nightelf_37. Their names are, from left to right (skipping Fluttershy), Euryflavia, Tychophon, Aquanax, and Messerole. "
If all five will be drawn in roughly the same scale: "Actual Neopets are supposed to be less than half the size of an average pony (4 feet)."

"You Had It Coming, Gray!"
Gray Mann of Team Fortress 2 is pinned to a wall by a very angry Fluttershy, who is dressed up as a RED Medic, and is holding up the Amputator to Gray's neck.
Description: "I believe we all know the reason why."

"Between the Raindrops" to furri-kira
Setting: cloudy skies, drizzle, Ponyville below
Flying together side-by-side are Raindrops (expression: giddy), Blue Diary (OC) (expression: awkward gaze at Raindrops), and Ditzy Doo (expression: beaming) with Dinky on her back (expression: gleeful)

"Lunaverse Group Shot: The Elements of Harmony" to KyroKing
Setting: Castle of the royal pony sisters
From left to right somewhat forming two triangles pointing upward: Cheerilee (facing left), Raindrops (flying, facing left), Lyra Heartstrings (facing left), Trixie Lulamoon (facing right), Ditzy Doo (flying, facing right), Carrot Top (facing right)
The six are wearing Elements of Harmony, which resemble their cutie marks. Raindrops's is orange, Ditzy's is green (not pink), Cheerilee's is cyan, Carrot's is purple, Lyra's is red, and Trixie's is magenta (and is placed over her hat).

"Meet the Lunaverse Team"

Positions are like the ones from the first Team Fortress 2 trailers (from left to right: Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Demoman, Medic, Scout, Soldier)…

Uniforms are in the present form (not the early draft as in the trailers) same shade as Princess Luna's coat (the Spy's is as black as the night sky).

Left to right (as the classes from above): Ditzy Doo (as Pyro), Carrot Top (as Engineer), Cheerilee (as Sniper), Trixie Lulamoon (as Spy_, BonBon (as Heavy), Pokey Pierce (as Demo…pony), Lyra Heartstrings (as Medic), Silver Script (a very minor character in the canon show) (as Scout), Raindrops (as Soldier)

Ditzy holds the Postal Pummeler, no cigarette for Trixie but add her cape, no eyepatch for Pokey, helmet does not cover Raindrops's eyes

Silver Script:…

"Meet the SOL Team"
- Uniforms are colored in the same shade as Lord Solaris's (technically Princess Celestia's) coat
Bubble Berry as the Engineer
Butterscotch as the Sniper
Elusive as the Spy
Dusk Shine as the Medic
Rainbow Blitz as the Scout
Barbara as the Pyro (and distinguishable from any Spike Pyro)
Applejack as the Demo-pony
Macareina as the Heavy Weapons Mare
All above characters belong to (Trotsworth).
Timerity as the Soldier
She, however, is mine.

"Timer Family at the Gala" to KyroKing
Setting: Canterlot ballroom, red carpet
Left to right (all facing left):
Rock - royal guard armor (with armadillo theme)
Chronicle: simple suit, hat and cowl, colors can complement his mane [no fire theme]
Timerity: non-restrictive dress, not colored like her coat, make for minimal snag
Blue Diary: "dark colored" suit, red bands on front hooves [no deep water theme]
For all: not attention-grabbing, simple
Note: I didn't want to put in more, since we all know what happened in "Suited For Success".

"I Won't Say I'm In Love"
Setting: Reminiscent of a scene in Disney's Hercules where the titular song was sung
TImerity (OC) lays on her back on the edge of a fountain, trying and failing to deny her feelings. A thought bubble coming from her depicts Rainbow Blitz (Trotsworth).
In the distance, Bubble Berry, Macareina (Trotsworth), and Silver Bell (63'd!Sweetie Belle) watch and have their mouths open as if singing.

"Shisno Chronicles: Friendship is Magic"
Setting: Daytime Ponyville
Logo above is the same as the official one, but with a yellow box 'plastered' at the top (reading Shisno Chronicles) and tilted 25 degrees clockwise.
From left to right (first four facing left, second four facing right):
Rarity - elegant smile, hoof holding up elegant curls
Pinkie Pie - closed eyes and mouth, wide smile
Fluttershy - sweet smile, sidelong look
Chronicle - pose "Twilight Sparkle" in the opening
Twilight Sparkle - friendly smile, 'holding up' a book
Spike - hands up, holding a gem, looking hungry
Rainbow Dash - confident, looking awesome, open-mouth smile
Applejack - legs crossed, sidelong glance
Ponies stand in a somewhat V-position, with Spike positioned a bit away.

"MLP/FF8 Crossover - The SeeD Six"

Description: Yes, one's not a SeeD but a Sorceress, but still…
Backdrop: Balamb Garden (… )
The six characters positioned just like the Mane Six.
Design: (chars on left side of pic)
Base (for inspiration on positions):…
Squall: Earth pony, in position "Twilight Sparkle", stoic expression, Lionheart gunblade planted in the ground in front of him.
Rinoa: Alicorn (ala Twilicorn), in position "Applejack", sweet smile, wings open, white aura, levitating Valkyrie blaster edge. (Shooting Star's probably too complex, right?)
Quistis: Unicorn, in position "Fluttershy", gentle but stern look, wearing a belt with her Save the Queen whip coiled in it.
Zell: Pegasus, in position "Rainbow Dash", action-ready grin, gauntlets designed like the Ehrgeiz on front hooves.
Selphie: Unicorn, in position "Pinkie Pie", genki girl smile, green aura, levitating her Strange Vision nunchucks over her head.
Irvine: Earth pony, in position "Rarity", charmer's smile, Exeter shotgun rested on back barrel up

If it's too complicated, you can 'ditch' the weapons, which can be seen in detail here… .

"Mystic Shield's Self-Defense Academy For Unicorns"
Setting: Martial arts dojo
Standing in the lower left corner is Mystic Shield, who is facing the rest of the class in the rest of the area.
Front of the class (directly in front of Mystic Shield, in any order): Greatstone, Bullseye, Tricky Books, Chrono Cards, Dinky, Twilight Sparkle
Back of the class (placed anywhere in any order, but still lined up): Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Amethyst Star, Rarity, Ruby Pinch, Sea Swirl, Pokey Pierce, Ponet, Written Script, Tootsie Flute, Firelock, Firecracker Burst, Holly Dash, Snails
You can add additional/your unicorn OCs if you wish.

"MLP Crossover - Blood Brothers"
(Note: Blood Brothers is a very popular Android/iPhone game. Check out its wiki for information on the characters)
Two rows of four. The following characters are dressed as the crossover characters.
Top row (from left to right): Rarity as the Purple Knife, Twilight Sparkle as the Grey Mage, Fluttershy as the Green Healer, Rainbow Dash as the Golden Lance
Top row (from left to right): Applejack as the Red Samurai, Pinkie Pie as the Blue Beard, Spike as the White Knight, Big Macintosh as the Black Brute
Change the animal skin on Mac into that resembling a manticore.

"We Just Need One More Sniper…"
A group of snipers standing together and showing off their weapons.
'Required': RED/BLU Sniper (Team Fortress 2; Croc-o-Style Kit/Lawrence of Australia), Riza Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist), Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts II; Freeshooter), Irvine Kinneas (Final Fantasy VIII; Exeter), Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00)
Optional: Agent North Dakota (Red vs. Blue), Bisca Connell (Fairy Tail), Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid), Usopp (One Piece), The Sniper (Monday Night Combat), Kardel Sharpeye (DOTA 2), Linda-058 (Halo), Craig Boone (Fallout: New Vegas), Watari (Death Note)

"Friendships Across Ages"
MLP/Land Before Time crossover
Fourteen head shots circling the Bright Circle (sun), seven on the left and seven on the right.
Right (from top to bottom): Chomper, Spike (the stegosaurus), Ducky, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, and Ruby
Left: (from top to bottom): Spike (the dragon), Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie
Within the sun are the silhouettes of Grandpa Longneck (facing right) and Princess Celestia (lacing left).

"My Little Dinosaur: Friendship Before Time"
Six of the seven characters of the "Land Before Time" TV series positioned just like the Mane Six.
Littlefoot: In position "Twilight Sparkle", friendly smile
Cera: In position "Rarity", teasing grin (the one you do when you've discovered a friend's berserk button and they know it)
Ducky: Atop Spike's back, lying down there with her tail up, happy open-mouth smile
Petrie: In position "Rainbow Dash", wings open, upright position
Spike: In position "Fluttershy", simple smile
Chomper: In position "Applejack", open mouth smile, nudging closer to Littlefoot, arms together
Ruby: In position "Pinkie Pie", body facing left but turning to face right, right hand brushing over head

"The Godliest Girl Band Ever"
Lucia Nanami a.k.a. Pink Pearl Voice (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch), Lynn Minmei (Super Dimension Fortress Macross), Mitsuki "Full Moon" Kouyama (Full Moon o Sagashite), Megumi Oumi (Zatch Bell!), and Jem (a 1980's American cartoon) together in a band.
Optional: Athena Asamiya (The King of Fighters), and Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)

"Friendship Trio of the TV Tropes Pantheon"
Elena (Street Fighter), Gentaro Kisaragi (Kamen Rider Fourze), and Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Please look up the animé Fancy Lala and at least watch the first episode or look for screenshots of it.
I'd like you to draw Miho's older alter ego Lala in this […. I know this would mean the clothing's very tight, but that's exactly the point, hence the title. Heheh.

Scootaloo-related ideas (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

"The Three Racers of the TV Tropes Pantheon"
PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper) on his skateboard Subaru Nakajima (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) on her skates, and Scootaloo (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) on her…scooter, racing together.

Scootaloo stands just below a tree, with Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) up it.

Description: "What's the matter? You chicken?"
"I've always found that an inappropriate slur. Chickens are not, by nature, at all timid. In fact, when I was young, my neighbor's chicken got loose and chased me up the big elm tree in front of our house."

Scootaloo set on fire by Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality).

"Let's Watch Super Robot Animé Together"
Ryusei Date (Super Robot Wars Advance), Otacon (Metal Gear Solid), and Yayoi Kise (Smile Pretty Cure) sitting together on a couch, watching super robot animé.

"GUAE Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger VS GUAG LOL Rangers"
Evulz Sentai Trollkaiger:
Terumi Yuuki
(BlazBlue) as Trollkai Green -2nd-…
(Umineko: When They Cry) as Trollkai Blue -Leader-…
Izaya Orihara (Durarara) as Trollkai Black -2nd-…
Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2) as Trollkai Yellow -Smarts-…
Basco ta Jolokia (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) as Trollkai Red -Brute-…
Nui Harime (Kill la Kill) as Trollkai Pink -Dark Chick-…

LOL Rangers:
Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi: When They Cry) as Yellow Ranger -Leader-…
Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi: When They Cry) as Green Ranger -Chick and 2nd-…
Satoko Houjou (Higurashi: When They Cry) as Pink Ranger -Smarts-…
Princess Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) as Blue Ranger -Lancer-…
Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) as White Ranger -Big Guy-…
Wade Winston Wilson (Deadpool) as Red Ranger -6th-…

"Puella Magi Iji Anomalia"

Iji (from Remar Games) facing forward with her Nanogun aimed at the ‘viewer’, her expression grim. She’ll also be wearing Mami Tomoe's magical girl uniform (… ), but with distinct changes.
1. No hat or muskets for Iji; she keeps her Nanogun (the black blocky thing)
2. The tan portions of the outfit are black, and the white ones are green.
3. The ribbon on the front is pink, like this (… )
4. In place of the heeled boots are these boots (… ) that serve as Iji's Puella Magi weapon (as she'll still use the Nanogun as well).
5. Iji's soul Gem is green like her clothes, takes the form of a choker, and is shaped like a flag to symbolize her desire for diplomacy.

Ending Spoilers:
“Despite the Earth recovering from the Alpha Strike, the acid rain it made did not make it possible for humanity. Worse, they had been struck with a terrible disease the aliens (either the Tasen or Komato, it's unknown which) inadvertently brought with them (and were immune to thanks to their Nanofields) of which there was no cure. Eventually, Iji was left as the last of her kind, protected by the same Nanofield. Stricken by severe grief, she blamed the Komato for forcing the Tasen—now practically extinct as well—into doing this. For involving Earth, which they have called Origin, into their war. She had nothing personal against the now-dead General Tor, but she wanted to kill every single Komato, not just for revenge, but so they can never threaten any life forms ever again.

That’s when the white alien cat, Kyubey, came to her. He expressed “regret” in the human race’s demise (though his race has a backup  plan for that), and noted to himself that neither the Komato nor the Tasen are suitable “candidates”. Even though Iji was older than 19, he was willing to grant her a wish and …“additional equipment”. After much self-deliberation, Iji’s wish went as follows: She had the means to travel to the worlds the Komato reside in so she can personally annihilate them all, that she’ll never run out of Nano (in spite of Kyubey telling her the new powers she’ll get will render it unnecessary), and that humankind will one day rise again.

And so with her new Puella Magi powers, her Nanogun, and everything in it, as Humanity’s (and Tasenkind’s) Avenger, she sets out to exterminate the warmongering Komato race.”

"Hatred vs Popularity"
Sonata Dusk of the Dazzlings (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks) at the front singing off against Ember McLain (Danny Phantom). Between them is Sonata's Siren image pushing against Ember's "punching" sound wave.

Finished Commissions

"Sailor Senshi With the Elements of Harmony"
Sailor Moon wearing the Element of Magic. Five circles around her showing headshots of her friends wearing the other Elements of Harmony.

Sailor Moon:…
Elements of Harmony:… (Element of Magic is the crown)

Circles contain:
Sailor Mars with the Element of Honesty (necklace with orange apple)
Sailor Jupiter with the Element of Loyalty (necklace with red bolt)
Sailor Venus with the Element of Laughter (necklace with blue balloon)
Sailor Mercury with the Element of Kindness (necklace with pink butterfly)
Tuxedo Mask with the Element of Generosity (necklace with violet diamond)

The following Elements can be found in the link above.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) vs the Engineer (Team Fortress 2). Automail arm vs Gunslinger.

"AutoKnight01's OCs - The Elementals"

The six characters positioned just like the Mane Six.

Cutie marks:…
(clockwise: Cryo's, Typhoon's, Pyro's, Terra's, Agua's, Gem's)

Pyro, Cryo, and Agua are stallions, making the others mares.

Pyro: In position "Twilight Sparkle", serious expression, flame above his head
Typhoon: In position "Fluttershy", carefree smile, wind currents around her body
Cryo: In position "Pinkie Pie, "jammin'" grin, ice crystal above his head
Terra: In position "Applejack", fierce grin, medium-sized rock above her head
Agua: In position "Rarity", mild scowl, sphere of water above his head
Gem: In position "Rainbow Dash", shy smile, standing on clouds charged with purple plasma

"SRW Ponies: Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning"…
Kyosuke - earth pony, cutie mark relating to devil's luck or gambling on slim odds, coat themed like his mech… (red)
Excellen - pegasus, cutie mark relating to sniping or a heart seemingly pierced by a Cupid arrow (the arrow actually just passes behind it), coat themes like her mech… (white with blue accents)

No background.

"From Virtual To Reality"
Sword Art Online fanart.
Suguha:…… (on the right)

Leafa wearing Suguha's pajamas (in the second link) and sitting up from her bed with a shocked expression.

"[Commission] Back to Back Buddies - Lineart"
Back-to-back with open-mouthed smiles each are the following characters.
Left: Hanon Hosho from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (in her Aqua Pearl Voice outfit as seen here - )
Right: Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (wearing the Element of Kindness around her neck)
Positions -
H: Left arm 60 degrees downward, right arm folded back so her hand is holding her E-Pichi microphone close to her mouth, eyes turned to the right
F: left foreleg extended outward, right foreleg folded toward her barrel so that her hoof is just below her necklace, wings open, eyes turned to the left

"Lyre Lyre Pants on Fire"
Lucy from Fairy Tail (holding the Spirit Key "Gate of the Lyre") expresses surprise and shock. Instead of summoning the Celestia Spirit Lyra, she gets the unicorn pony Lyra Heartstrings, who is enthusiastic upon seeing her and has a(n actual) lyre ready to play. Dialogue is optional if it can make the scene funnier.

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